Anti-Aging Dermal Light

Excess body hair is a “hairy” problem (especially if you have been using a razor). The DermaLight technology lets us resolve the problem in an effective way, revolutionizing the hair removal market thanks to the innovative xenon lamp, and offering a less painful and more long-lasting alternative to waxing.

Anti-Aging DermalSlim

DermalSlim is a set of high tech cosmetic equipment that gives many women what they desire most: no more cellulite or excess fat deposits, without costly and risky surgical procedures. It is a fast, painless, and effective method that immediately reduces the volume of legs, buttocks, tummy, and thighs, measurable in centimetres even after the very first session.

Anti-Aging Dermal Shape

Combater as marcas do tempo hoje não significa recorrer necessariamente a intervenções cirúrgicas doloridas, caras e com um pós-operatório longo. Graças ao Dermalshape, pode-se intervir com eficácia contra o relaxamento cutâneo, rugas e dobras mais ou menos profundas.

Anti-Aging Dermal Oxigen

With Dermal Institute’s technology, the supply of high purity oxygen at a high concentration revitalizes tissues reactivating the cellular metabolism and moderating the ageing process. Your skin will appear immediately toned and lifted, with results more and more evident and settled.

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